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“Our daughter was struggling to finish both the SAT and ACT. Jennifer Cooper worked with the Learning Specialist at our school to identify which test would be the best fit for her and then walked us through the process of getting a 50% time accommodation! Her score jumped immediately and she was subsequently admitted to a Top 10 university! Jen Cooper changes lives!”
“My son faced ADHD, dyslexia, difficulty with executive functioning, and a range of related challenges with interpersonal skills. He struggled asking for help, but Jen has a calm temperament and warmth that draws kids to her. Moreover, she has the most lovely and genuine nature which allows students to feel free about sharing their worries and struggles. For parents, she is a godsend. Often, I have felt lost and defeated, not knowing how to support, guide, or manage my son. When I turned to Jen, she would be a great source of calm and reason. Our discussions would help me regroup, and often gain new insights into the inner workings of my son.”
"Jen Cooper has been a trusted advisor for my husband and me as we navigated the struggles of having our son diagnosed with ADD, Dyslexia, and an Executive Processing disorder. She quickly was able to review his neurobehavior report, suggest a fabulous tutor who would come to our home, as well as help us advocate for an IEP within the Howard County Public School system—which is no easy task! He has now been moved to a 504 plan and is reading above grade level and welcomes the opportunity to read in class during Google Meets. Additionally, he has built so much confidence with his abilities that he routinely shares his well-constructed writing assignments with his middle school peers. I would highly recommend Jen because of her extensive knowledge of the IEP process and vast network of resources, which she can call upon to make a difference in your child's life. My son wouldn't be where he is today without Jen's support and guidance."
"Our daughter was near the top of her class, but she couldn’t seem to finish the SAT or ACT and she feared her scores would keep her from her dream of attending a top university. Mrs. Cooper recommended a specific diagnostic test that identified a subtle disconnect that was getting in my daughter’s way. ACT typically doesn’t grant extended time to students claiming a learning difference late in the process—but Mrs. Cooper worked with the tester to develop language that would resonate and influence the decision. ACT allowed a 50% accommodation and my daughter scored a perfect 36 and was accepted by the college of her choice. Wow. What can I say? Thanks Mrs. Cooper!!!"
"After seeing our son’s academic struggles increase, we arranged for him to complete a full neuropsyche evaluation. My wife and I found the test results and the psychologist’s conclusions difficult to understand— the tests themselves seemed very abstract and the results were often contradictory. Jennifer was able to explain to us, in plain terms, what the findings meant and how they related to the difficulties we were seeing our son have. More importantly, she designed an action plan, combining scholastic accommodations at school and from the college testing organizations with practical strategies that helped our child improve his learning processes. Jennifer’s guidance was transformational—our son went from being a B-/C+ student to being a straight A student in the space of a year. Seeing our son’s self-esteem improve so noticeably was best of all!"

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